Sunshine Coast Brewery

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Named after the beautiful part of the world it calls home, the Sunshine Coast Brewery has been brewing hand-crafted beer since 1998, making it not only the first craft brewery on the Sunshine Coast, but also the oldest running microbrewery in Queensland.
It uses its little corner of Australia to explore and showcase traditional beer styles from around the globe, releasing new brews and limited editions regularly. With a range if over a dozen craft beers inspired by flavours from German Bavaria to the Irish mainland, and from the Indian Ocean to traditional British Bitters, the Brewery offers a taste for every palate. A must-try for all visitors through is its signature brew inspired by the beautiful Sunshine Coast itself, the mid-strength, full-flavoured Summer Ale.

Visit the Brewery’s website to learn more about its range of craft beers, opening hours and upcoming events.




13 Endeavour Drive

Kunda Park QLD 4556

Tel:+617 5476 6666

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