Summer Land Camels

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Summer Land Camel Farm is located within the beautiful Scenic Rim of South East Queensland, just 45 minutes outside of Brisbane, and offers a totally immersive experience of Australia’s largest and the world’s third largest camel dairy.

Set upon the backdrop of incredible views of the mountains surrounding the farm, you will experience the gentle nature of these beautiful animals while feeding and patting their cute calves.

Summer Land Camel Farm’s guided tours allow you to meet the farmers, hear their fascinating story, experience the inner workings of the farm and explain how the heart and soul of the operation is centred on animal welfare, sustainability and totally chemical free biodynamic farming. You will understand how wild camels are captured and trained to become dairy cows. Inspect the dairy where camels are milked, and where the delicious milk is hand crafted into cheese, gelato, yoghurt, and amazing health and skincare products.



Camel milk is internationally renowned for its powerful immunity, health and skin benefits. It has unrivalled moisture absorption, cell regeneration and collagen production properties. Its unique molecular structure enables penetration to the lower layers of skin and hair, making it more effective than any other natural skin care ingredient. The milk is jam-packed with nutrients to enhance the immediate and long-term wellness of you, your skin and your hair. It naturally stimulates the epidermis to produce clear, hydrated, younger and brighter looking skin and healthier hair. Skin and body products are available at the dedicated shop within the Summer Land Skincare Centre on the farm.


Enjoy country fare in the farm’s café. Taste delicious camel milk, gelato, amazing cheeses, and the famous camel-cino, as well as raw honey from the farm’s own apiary. The café’s seasonal menu showcases the very best camel meat and dairy cuisine and local Scenic Rim produce. Find a spot under a shady tree to enjoy the views and sun with a picnic hamper, filled with cured meat, pickles, olives, fresh sourdough bread, cheeses, fruits, nuts and more. All fresh from the farm!

The café and store are open everyday between 9am and 4.30pm.


8 Charles Chauvel Drive,
Harrisville 4307
Tel: +617 5467 1707

I: @summerlandcamels,
F: @summerlandcamelfarm


Images ©Summer Land Camels 


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