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‘Ecoganic’ farming, ‘agritourism’, sustainable food and sustainable marketing

Although climate change is the topic that springs to most people’s minds when thinking about environmental issues, it’s not the only issue. Others include loss of areas such as tropical rainforests and coral reefs, lack of clean water, use of limited natural resources, and land, water and air pollution.

It is now generally recognised within the scientific community that many naturally derived products can negatively affect the environment. However, there are also products developed today that can positively help the production process without having a negative impact on the environment.


Ecoganic Certification requires monitoring of key species of flora and fauna as indicators of a balanced ecosystem. Ecoganic farming is a holistic system that values plants, weeds, grasses, animals and insects, which provide the biodiversity and soil health to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Ecoganic is a science-based monitoring system that evidences the interaction and dependence of insects, weeds and grasses together with the crop to develop a healthy ecosystem alongside sustainable farming.

Pacific Coast Eco Bananas’ patented farming system is about protecting our off-farm assets, such as the Great Barrier Reef and the waterways, as well as ensuring on-farm natural capital.


Ecoganics embraces agritourism and education as a catalyst to create brand awareness for ecoganic foods through education, tourism, research and training. The challenge for the agricultural industries is to ensure that the education system has rich teaching materials at its disposal that address the existing curricula, and it provides opportunities for students to gain real world agriculture experiences.

Consumer behaviour is complex and is influenced by many factors, such as their immediate needs and wants, as well as internal and external forces. A consumer’s attitude is influenced by their beliefs, their feelings and their behavioural intentions.

Ecoganic currently operates within the education tourism market hosting international and many Australian schools that apply the Ecoganic Case Study to meet curricula and social expectations.



228 Boogan Road,
Mourilyan 4860

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