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Kinrara Expeditions is a luxury outback adventure that caters to domestic and international visitors looking for a way to get off the grid and immerse themselves in an unforgettable Australian experience.

Kinrara Expeditions is the brainchild of Callum O’Brien, a Far-North-Queenslander turned Sydneysider, and is run on the 70,000-acre (28,300-hectare) cattle station of his elder brother, Shane, and his sister-in-law, Robyn.

Kinrara Expeditions surrounds Kinrara National Park, just four hours south-west of Cairns, and provides visitors with access to an extraordinary landscape of huge environmental and cultural significance.

O’Brien says, “In the years since Shane and Rob bought this property 15 years ago, this land has become one of the few places in the world where I can truly disconnect.

“The remoteness and breathtaking landscape have a way of pressing the pause button, of making it somehow easy to be present. And that felt like something more people needed to experience,” he says.


The five-day, four-night adventure departs from and returns to Cairns. Capacity is capped at 12 guests, who sleep in one of 10 eco friendly, queen sized tents, with westerly facing patios overlooking the headwaters of the Burdekin River.

Developed in close consultation with the traditional owners, the Gugu Badhun, Kinrara Expeditions offers a return to simplicity for a wide range of travellers – from the stressed corporate executive to the global adventure seeker.

O’Brien began engaging with traditional elders and local providers early on in the planning process. “We wanted to be true to the story of this place and are so fortunate to be able to draw on the wisdom of the Gugu Badhun. A traditional owner will attend each expedition, so our guests can hear their stories gathered over 270 generations.”

Home to the site of Australia’s second youngest volcano, here guests can experience unique biodiversity, with over 60 bird species, traditional fauna including kangaroos and emus, and incomparable rainforests.

Every tour is customised to the needs and tastes of each individual. O’Brien personally speaks with every group so he can tailor the menu and experiences to them.




Kinrara Expeditions,
Kinrara Station,
Minnamoolka 4872
Tel: +614 0970 4055


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